DFF Stories

DDF STORIES are conversations organized by the Master in DESIGN FOR FOOD with the protagonists of the world of design for food. You can review all events here.

Dining by Design: Creating the Experience

Talk with Alessia Genova, Tihany Design
NYC, 15.06.2021

The talk with Alessia Genova, Managing Partner of Tihany Design and alumna of Politecnico di Milano, focused on the creative process and the importance of telling a story when designing memorable experiences in food places: how to create the "WOW" moment? Restaurants are portraits of the Chef and his creation, but also spaces where people have to move around and where different activities take place:  how can restaurant design take all these aspects into account?
Entoexperience: a lab for approaching
insects in our dish

Talk with Giulia Tacchini and Giulia Maffei, co-founders of Entonote, Milano 10.06.2021

Entonote is a Foodlab that designs and creates events and experiences with food taboos, first of all, the edible insect. Giulia Maffei, scientific communicator, and Giulia Tacchini, food designer, founded Entonote in 2015 with the goal of clarifying debated controversial food issues and of broadening our cultural and culinary horizon.
They publish their first book, "An insect in the plate: a small guide to the food of the future" Red Edizioni, in November 2016 and in January 2017 create the format #Entoexperience, a lab for approaching insects in our dish.  
IBRIDA: from bread to beer

Talk with Akanksha Gupta and Elisa Pirola, co-founders of IBRIDA
Milano, 17.03.2021

From bread to beer, from design to entrepreneurship, from a Product Service System concept to a scalable business model, from one prototype to three different beers, Ibrida leveraged on the service design mindset and methodology. Discover the process of designing of a “neighborhood bread beer”. The talk features a conversation with Akanksha Gupta and Elisa Pirola, co-founders of Ibrida and Alumni of Politecnico di Milano.